Shalom Small Homes Kemptville

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After returning to Kemptville from working with the poorest in developing countries for the past 43
years, I have become aware of issues of poverty within our community. As a woman of faith, I am always
challenged to help our neighbors who are hurting.

As an over- 55, I am very aware of people who are also over- 55 in our community that are no longer
able to meet rental demands of homes they have lived in for years. Their suffering is unconscionable in
my mind. Part of my answer to this hurt is Shalom Small Homes Kemptville, a program that will allow
these people to live out their lives with dignity and peace.

I challenge all of us to stand together in this project so that our over-55s in Kemptville will find Shalom.
Together we can do all things!

See this project on our developing web site at

Shalom Small Homes Kemptville